We enjoyed working with you for our wedding. 
You helped us think through all aspects of our
wedding and reception.  Our wedding went
exactly as we had hoped it would. 
Thanks, Shari!
Julie & Bruce

Shari did an excellent job with our wedding.
She thought of things we never would have,
and made the whole event simply spectacular.
I couldn't imagine how stressful it would have
been with out her help.
Michael & Kelly

I have worked as a photographer on events that Shari has put together, and of the many weddings I have done, they are the best, most organized and smoothest running events I have had the pleasure of working at. Shari has great attention to detail and will certainly give you more wedding for the money.
Mike, Foucault Design and Imaging

If you want your day to be perfect I would use Shari, with all the knowledge shehas and you won't have to worry.
Eric Coats, Music Wave
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